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DEDICATED TO 340th BG 487th BS B-25 Waist and Tail Gunner



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Based on material submitted by Don Dick via his friend Travis Alexander

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Sgt. Donald Dick bottom middle.

Friend- Pilot Capt.Ferrel Holley back left.

PLANE:  B-25 487th BS - SN 43-27570 - 7H WHITE LITENIN


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2009 reunion Sgt. Donald Dick right.

Friend- Pilot Capt.Ferrel Holley left.



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Don  posing with 57th BW Newsletter and his war diary.           Don with friend Travis Alexander who submitted this material.  



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2009 Articles


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June 22, 1944

A particularly harrowing mission.

The downing of B-25 7C McKinley Jr. High

Sgt. Don Dick witnessed the plane and crew going down over Griciliana, Italy from explosions of anti-aircraft flak. His vantage position was in B-25 7H just behind in the fight box.


Description: Description: Mckinley_Jr_High_plane2


Description: Description: 7C_B-25Crash






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