SSGT Don Kenney  Photo Album   (all rights reserved)


' Frank Kenney '.

'A picture of 'my dear little sack' ha ha'


Alexandria, Egypt

B25 Flight Formation

B25 Tail Damage

B25 takeoff from Alesan

B29 Unknown

B25 '7M' in flight

B25 Bombing 487th 2nd Anniversary

B25 Nose art



Alesan, Corsica 1945

'Alesan, Corsica 1944 Thanksgiving celebration'

Alesan, Corsica 1945

'Corsica Feb 1945 Marlon Michel my engineer & myself'

Don and 'dog'

Don & Frank Kenney

Don and Mom

Don and Sphinx in Egypt

Don and unknown

Don, Anne, Mom

Don in flight gear

Don K & brother Frank

Don Kenney relaxed

SSGT Don Kenney WWII Medals

'Emptying Trash'

Frank and Don Kenney

Hot Gunner

'L-R J.P. Whalen-Mass yrs trly G.R. Styshof- L.I. J.F. Edwards-Ohio

On a picnic at Paris Mtn St Park'


SSgt. Donald McKenzie Kenney 1924-1989 Denver, CO Pacifica, CA

This is me & my crew I'm 2d from L in ft My pilot is in ft of 6. Dirty Dzn Huh, yr Buddy Eddie'

'This is the crew L- Frank Reynolds radio operator Marlon Michel engineer & myself'

Don and Unknown

Unknown crew

Unknown Crew

Zaghlue Alexandria, Egypt