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Italy and Corsica, March 1944-February 1945

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June 9, 2007


Doug, I knew your father, Charlie Cook, in Corsica and would appreciate hearing from you. I was also a pilot in the 487th squadron during the same time your father served.  As a matter of fact, we were on the same boat that carried us to Casablanca in 1944.

Hoping to hear from you.


David Konigsberg



June 10, 2007  


Doug Cook (Saudi Arabia) called David Konigsberg (Hollywood, CA).  Doug learned some things about his father Charles “Charlie” Cook.  The first clue that David remembered him from Alesan, Corsica in 1944 is that he called him Charlie- the nickname friends and family knew him by. David knew the other pilots that Charlie was pals with:  Bloomberg, Mac McLaughlin, and Sarengelli.


David recalled that Charlie was one hell of a poker player.  David bet big on a hand he was sure to win but lost to Charlie who had four kings.   David explained that gambling was big in the 340th Bomb Group in Alesan, Corsica.  He remembered the craps table having perhaps fifty thousand dollars worth of Lyra and French currency in play.


David vividly recalled the deadly German bombing and strafing raid on the Alesan base in May 12, 1944.  He realized how vulnerable they were in their tents at night.  After that, each tent had a foxhole or trench dug next to it to dive into for cover.


He began as a copilot for 20 missions with Buck Parish as his pilot.  When he became proficient at landing, he became pilot.  David flew 65 B-25 combat missions plus six weeks flying C-47 transport before shipping back home around February, 1945. 




B-25 Pilot 1st Lt. David Konigsberg Alesan, Corsica  1944

B25-J  7Z  “Shirley Ann”



B25-J  7Z  “Shirley Ann”  Nose Art Restoration by Monguse



B25-J  7Z  “Shirley Ann”  Skin for IL2 Flight Simulator by Monguse



B-25 “Jeanie” and crew.   David Konigsberg standing right.


B25-J  7A  “My Naked Ass”



B25-J  7E  “Watch Copier”



B25-J  7R   “Uncle Willie”


Alesan Camp, Corsica


Returning from a mission.  7T, 7Z and other aircraft of the 487th peeling off en echelon to land.

August 1944 Alesan, Corsica.   Note air base below 7T.




David Konigsberg and Charles Cook et al get orders to ship out overseas:













Remembering a Mission by David Konigsberg





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D-Day Southern France “The Other D-Day”   August 15, 1944


Before D-Day, 340th BG Flew Missions to S. France to Knock Out German Gun Positions


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Charles Cook:  Distinguished Flying Cross for D-Day Mission to Avignon, France   August 15, 1944

He flew his plane B-25-J  7B  “Bitch N Mitch”  to Avignon where they encountered intense antiaircraft flak.  They dropped bombs destroying the target and returned safely to base with damaged controls and 109 flak holes.



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Magenta, Italy Bomb Run Photo from Charles Cook’s Collection


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Note: This Operation is in Flak Alley  Brenner Pass



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